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iChooseAdoption.org is a free service created to provide current, accurate information about adoption. iChooseAdoption.org is not an adoption agency or service provider. The information on this site is intended solely for educational purposes and is in no way intended to take the place of counseling, medical, or legal services provided by a qualified physician, adoption professional, or attorney. Many adoption services and adoption laws vary considerably and change frequently depending upon state law or subjective practice.

iChooseAdoption.org is intended to provide answers to visitors' questions as a community service. Much of the information contained on this Web site is generic in nature and may or may not apply to your specific situation or the professional or legal practices in your geographic area. By visiting this site or asking a question of iChooseAdoption.org, you agree that any counsel given by email, telephone, or through the Web site is non-authoritative, and that you will not rely solely upon this information in making your decision. iChooseAdoption.org assumes no liability as a result of answering these questions or posting educational information. If you are considering adoption, you are strongly encouraged to seek legal and practical help from experts experienced in adoption who can meet your specific and unique needs.

The professionals, advertisers, and website links listed on iChooseAdoption.org are separate entities from iChooseAdoption.org and their inclusion should not be considered as an endorsement of their services. All referrals from iChooseAdoption.org are provided as a community service, and iChooseAdoption.org assumes no responsibility for any damages that result from using the services or products of a professional, advertiser, or website listed at iChooseAdoption.org.