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Adoption Stories

Sharing Great Stories of Adoption

How do other birthmothers feel after making an adoption plan? Do adopted children live happy lives? What does an adoptive family look like? Every story you'll read here are real stories from real people. Birthmothers. Adoptive Parents. Adopted Individuals. They're all represented. As always, if you'd like to talk to someone directly about your story, please call us at 1-866-355-7965.

Our Surprising Miracle


Our dear Cecilia is the most surprising miracle in our lives.

Less than three months after being approved as adoptive parents, our phone rang to tell us a baby girl was waiting for us. We chose the name in the 45 minute drive to the hospital, and we have acute memories of first snuggling Cecilia close and kissing her forehead.

We have an open adoption. We see Cecilia’s birthmother, Sherri, once or twice a year and we communicate every month or so via email. Ceci is 3 ½ and she knows that she came from Sherri’s belly. For us, it’s a naturally positive experience and we will always be filled with respect for Sherri. How could we not love the woman that gave our daughter to us?

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